The group has a very big reputation, but problems just as important as their statutes. Indeed, a more than scandalous event occurred for the prestigious Partouche group. The Director of Pasino de la Grande-Motte was arrested by the police at his home in Castelnau-le-Lez. Only 35 years old and owner of the Casino de Cannes, her fame still takes a big hit. Five other people were arrested in Cannes and several are also suspected of having committed a crime punishable by law. The authorities of the central service of races and games from Paris, supported by police officers of SRPJ (regional service of the judicial police) of Montpellier organized this raid on the ground. This operation took place from Saturday evening to Sunday in the most popular casino online Singapore area of ​​gambling and slot machines north of Montpellier. The question then arises. What happened to the group? What are they really accused of? Are they victims of their reputation? We will try to find out with you.

Serious accusations against the personnel of the Partouche group

Apparently, money laundering and tax evasion hover over the activities of the Partouche group. In addition, he is accused of owning a casino that is not recognized by law. And the icing on the cake, the latter is guilty of abuse of power over corporate assets. It really does a lot for Partouche. According to a source from the court, the accused 96ace Singapore voluntarily organized mini-tournaments of poker in Cannes and Bandol for a year and a half. During these card game games, the prize pool was abnormally high compared to the expected prize pool. In addition, this would be 20 times greater than that declared. To top it off, illegal winnings are hit by the casino staff. Seen in this light, this case merits further analysis. These are very serious accusations. The custody of these 6 suspects is extended by 24 hours this Monday morning. Tonight or Tuesday morning, they will be called to the Jirs in Marseille where the CEO of Grande-Motte and the five other people will have to respond to these alleged crimes. Partouche’s shares are down as a result of this custody.

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